We're here with some of the Internet's best clean jokes, family-friendly knock-knock jokes, humorous one-liners, cheesy (but clean) pickup lines, hilarious quotes, funny sayings, and proof that laughter is the best medicine.  Some of these are classic jokes, others are so new hardly anyone has told them yet.  Use them to write funny speeches, to add some jokes to a toast, or to liven up a business meeting.


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Humor is universal and the more you share it the better it gets.  That's why this site will only have good clean jokes.  Funny stuff that you can share with your kids, sayings and quotes your coworkers will appreciate. and jokes that are clean enough to share with the person sitting next to you on the church pew.

You Can't Laugh Too Much!

Laughter really IS the best medicine.  Studies have shown that laughing at jokes and funny sayings or goofy pictures boosts your mood, strengthens your immune system, reduces pain, and protects you from the effects of stress. We used to laugh hundreds of times a day when we were kids, but most of us lost that gift as we got older.  So here are some funny jokes to act as a booster shot to your health and mood!

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